After Kwue Molly installed an amazing eye-catching mural on the walls to the back playground, the Hungerford School asked if Projectivity could help with creating a colorful track and kickball court for the students to play on.

With the help of a Staten Island Arts grant, Projectivity was able to help bring much-needed color and beautification to the Hungerford School on Staten Island.

What started as a single mural by Kwue Molly on the back court turned into a full-makeover of the school. Lead artist Christian Penn (Executive Director of Projectivity) spent over 60 hours applying over 6000 square ft of color to 3 sides of the building including a track and kickball court on the concrete blacktop in the rear of the school, along with veteran Staten Island artists Kwue Molly and John Exit. In one area, Christian Penn also worked with some special needs students from the school to fill in puzzle pieces on the wall, acknowledging the large population of students with autism enrolled at the Hungerford School.

The project is made possible in part by a DCA Premier Grant from Staten Island Arts, with public funding from the Department of Cultural Affairs.