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Support the Arts. Create the Artists.

Our MIssion:

We offer FREE education, resources, and opportunities for the public to engage and pursue their passion for the arts.

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What is Projectivity?

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Projectivity is a collective of artists, musicians, and educators creating outlets for the public to learn, experience, and showcase their passions through music and art. We are a registered 501c(3) non-profit organization.

For over 10 years we have worked with public and private schools, as well as juvenile justice programs and agencies, providing education and resources for young adults to:

- develop a passion for media and the arts

- build confidence and leadership skills

- gain employment and pursue a career in the arts

- give back to the community, contribute to public art projects and participate in local event


Our Impact

Since 2005:

  • Inspired over 1,500 New York City youths

  • Showcased more than 100 artists’ work and performances

  • Installed 30+ public art installations on Staten Island


Years serving the community

Initially formed as an artist collective in 2005, operating a local recording studio and hosting community events. In 2015, we officially formed a 501c(3) non-profit organization.



Schools served

Serving all age groups, Projectivity has worked with students of all different backgrounds in schools all over New York City. Offering everything from guest speaking and assemblies to full-scale 4-12 week courses.



Public art installations

Working with local and international artists, we have supported and funded the largest and most elaborate murals all over the country. Our artists have painted public murals and shown canvas works all over the world.


Our Progams


Music Production, DJing Audio Engineering

Projectivity offers music classes and workshops introducing participants to different aspects of music production, recording, engineering/mixing, DJing, marketing/promoting material, etc.  In each class, students will learn the fundamentals of using technology to create music.  They will work with industry standard software and equipment to produce and record their own songs or compositions.

Public Art & Graphic Design

Our art courses focus on the themes and messages using imagery.  Participants are introduced to drawing, painting, stenciling, collage (multi-media), or spraypainting.  Professional artists work with students to help them develop subject matter, and execute final works which go on display indoors or as public art.



Photography & Videography

Projectivity stresses the importance of documenting events and important projects in the community.  We train students in the fields of photography and videography, giving them the necessary tools to create quality visual output, capturing events and efforts from local artists, agencies, schools, and other community assets.


Upcoming Projects

With recent grants from NeON Arts (a partnership between NYC Dept. of Probation and Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute), NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs, Staten Island Arts, and NY CItizen’s Committee, we will be offering a variety of programs in 2019 and are currently seeking additional funds to maximize participants and expand the projects to more locations.


Mural Mission

A lead Teaching Artist will work with a group of students over 8 weeks to come up with a theme, design a mural, learn basic painting techniques, and install a large scale public art piece. With matching funds, Projectivity plans to host 3 of these programs, working on 3 different walls throughout Staten Island.


PSA (Personal Stories in Action)

Working with industry standard camera equipment and a professional director, students will develop commercials for different public service initiatives that relate to their personal experiences. With matching funds, this course will last 12-16 weeks, filming at least 3 PSAs.


Spinning Your Sound

Over 3 months, students will develop essential skills to become professional DJs for hire. The program will cover industry software and hardware to standard practices while DJing live. Participants will learn how to book gigs and perform safely and responsibly for every kind of event. With matching funds, this program can continue through 6-9 months with more students.

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november 2018

“The mural on the outside of our building was designed in a perfect way to inspire learning and fuel our school spirit.  The mural encourages creativity and learning for our students.”

  • Principal / Richard H. Hungerford School



Our Partners

Some of Projectivity’s past sponsors, funders, and clients include the following:

Your support can help us provide all kinds of free services to students of all ages. Projectivity has launched our 2019 fundraising campaign of $60,000 and we need you to contribute and spread the word.  Through funds awarded from the NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs and also another grant from NeON Arts, we have already raised over $30,000! We are half way there!


$10 gets 2 Metrocards for free transportation for students


$25 provides 1 student a free art lesson and supplies


$50 purchases 2 hours of recording studio time for youth musicians

$100 provides art supplies for a class of 10 students

$500 helps create a new public art mural

$1,000 provides a 4 week class for media arts