Projectivity has provided resources to musicians and artists that had similar audiences and messages – mainly creating positive, conscious content. The word “Projectivity” was given the meaning of coming together to project our passions. The concept has always been to help others spread positive messages through the arts, and also develop sustainable careers by supporting each other in the arts. What began as a small DIY record label in 2005, slowly evolved into a full-scale arts COLLECTIVE – eventually taking the shape of an officially registered 501c(3) not-for-profit organization in the Fall of 2015.

Headquartered in Staten Island, the group currently serves the whole New York City tri-state area but has hosted workshops and events throughout the country.

Our Mission

To offer education, resources, and opportunities to everyone interested in pursuing media and the arts.


Board of Directors

Jared Jax, EdD

is a teacher and CTE Coordinator at Staten Island Technical HS. He received his doctorate in Instructional Technology and Media from Columbia University.

Vernon “Dyverse” Wooten

is an Education Resource Specialist MST JJI at the Jewish Board Staten Island Family Services, Program Director of Fatherhood Matters, and Parent Advocate at the Staten Island ACS. He is also the founder of the Fatherhood Coalition.

Arianna Apparicio

is an accountant with over 10 years of experience, and proudly opened SIA Services Inc, in 2018 where they have managed dozens of clients’ financials, both private and public, from incorporation to well-established multi-million dollar businesses.

Tariq Zaid

is a life long New Yorker, small business owner of both Richmond Hood Co. and Vodega Deli & Grocery, and a firm believer in empowering people of all ages through art.

Giancarlo Alejo

is a passionate father of 3. His background ranges from audio-engineering to fashion/style to photography. He has worked with various companies and celebrities, assisting with marketing and branding.

Evan Brockett

a native Staten Islander, is a professional photographer. His art introduced him to Yoga which he has been practicing and teaching for the last 10 years. He is currently an Emergency Nurse and has experience as a paraprofessional for the NYCDOE.


Christian Penn

(Executive Director / Founder)

is a musician, audio engineer, DJ and street artist. After starting and running a successful recording studio and music company, he founded Projectivity to share his passions and resources with the youth and other artists.

Jodi Dareal

(Program Director)

is a powerhouse! She is a muralist, song-writer, and a comic book illustrator. She uses a wide variety of mediums in her work such as oil paint, acrylic, water color, and digital art.

Dominque Coar

(Program Director)

is a meticulous program director who believes in the power of intricacy. She began working with Projectivity in 2019 and always kept the love for the arts in her heart. Along with being a program director she is also, a professional streamer, writer and actress.

Additionally, Projectivity has a full roster of professional teaching artists including DJs, producers and audio engineers, photographers and videographers, graphic designers, street artists, muralists and more. Our instructors focus on career development, leadership skills, and confidence building.