In late 2022, Projectivity partnered with Thrive Collective and community organizations in the Lower East Side to paint a stretch of wall belonging to an abandoned school building on East 10th Street.

The mural project was in homage to CHARAS, an iconic community organization that had moved into the abandoned building in 1979. There, they established “El Bohio” or “The Hut,” a center of arts, aid, housing, film screenings, festivals, organizing, activism, and much more. In 2001, CHARAS was evicted. The building has stood empty for decades.



The following artists took part in this mural makeover project: Will Power, Al Diaz (Samo), Danielle Mastrion, Marissa Molina, Christian Penn, Michela Muserra, Nico Collazo, Jodi Dareal, Charlie Elo, and Cram Concepts. Together, they painted 9 murals that celebrate CHARAS’ legacy including portraits of founding members Chino Garcia, Angie Hernandez, and poet Bimbo Rivera, who coined the term “Loisiada”, and remind us of what has been lost in the community—and what needs to be restored.