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Projectivity Group is a collective of 

artists, musicians, teachers, 

business owners, and community 

leaders creating outlets for the public to learn, experience, and 

showcase their passions through music and art.

Projectivity Group is a registered 501c(3)

not-for-profit organization.


To provide resources and education to anyone interested inpursuing the arts.

Through partnerships with schools, agencies, and other non-profits, we provide resources and outlets for people to get involved in the community and showcase their

art to the public.


Concerts – Art Exhibits – Showcases

 Film Screenings  –  Festivals  


Projectivity encourages the public display of art and music as well as interaction with community members on all levels.  We take pride in creating opportunities and events for beginners, professionals, and artists of all ages.



"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." - Pablo Picasso




Students paired with professionals and industry-standard tools and technology, producing hi-quality works of art, music, video, etc.   



     Leadership qualities  

     Goal Setting and preparation 


Understanding the necessary steps to develop a sustainable career are all key components in our classes.

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