At the beginning of the Fall 2015 semester, Wagner College contacted Staten Island Arts, who contacted Projectivity, to nominate artists for the Wagner College / Port Richmond Public Art Partnership project that had Wagner students research local public artists.  Local artists were interviewed by students who then completed research projects on the artists and their work.  The papers, along with work from the artists, were put on display in the Wagner College Hormann Library Gallery and are on exhibit until January 21, 2016.  Below are pictures of the opening reception, attended by Projectivity artists and the students involved.


Wagner College

Street Art Project

Prelude House is an emergency shelter for domestic violence survivors. Over thirty women and their children reside in the shelter at any one time and receive services including assistance with transitioning into permanent housing, medical needs, court advocacy, training and education, individual and group counseling, and childcare.

Projectivity Movement donated 17 pieces of artwork, including vibrantly colored paintings and murals. With the help of Projectivity Movement, Prelude will give domestic violence survivors fresh perspective and maybe even encourage a greater sense of self-expression through art.


Safe Horizons Project

After working closely with Staten Island Arts, Projectivity received a generous grant from NeOn Arts, a program of the NYC Department of Probation in partnership with Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute.  They initiated the Engineering Your Sound music program.  The 12 week course took place at the SI Makerspace and in the Cobra Sun recording studio.  The final event was held at 120 Bay Cafe.


Staten Island Studio Sessions


Wave St Murals

This is a map of the outdoor murals in the Staten Island Art District along the North Shore of Staten Island in New York City.  It covers from Snug Harbor Cultural Center to Fort Wadsworth, focusing on Bay St. and Richmond Terrace.  It is a work in progress.  This map and this site will evolve along with the rapidly growing public art movement on SI.  The image above can be downloaded to a phone for access without internet.  Photos of all the murals on this map are located in the North Shore Map section of this site.  This map is revised as of the date printed on it; it is also just a guide, come find all the hidden gems throughout the streets of Staten Island.

The idea for this map came about when SI artist Kwue Molly took note of all the highly visible, but widely overlooked murals near his home along Bay St.  Dozens of artists have contributed individually to make this 4 mile stretch a vast canvas for all different styles and genres of art.  It only made sense to create some kind of guide to showcase all the artwork in the area.  Kwue teamed up with Projectivity and received a grant from SI Arts to develop a map.  After taking photographs and developing the idea more, they worked with graphic designer Marcus Allen to develop the downloadable map available today.

Projectivity was awarded a grant from the New York Citizen’s Committee in 2015 and again in 2016 for a mural project designed by artist Kwue Molly.  The theme was diversity, and it was our goal to get the community involved with helping paint the mural.  Kwue developed the concept of having each student or resident paint a flag that is represented in the Port Richmond area of Staten Island.  The flags filled in the word “ColorBlind”, sending  a universal message that “We Are One”.  Many thanks to Kwue Molly for really helping some of the kids get involved when most of them were nervous at the start.


SI Street Art Map



Mural Project

Projectivity was invited to collaborate with NYC Underround to help paint the set for Harbor Lights' Theater Company's production of RENT at Snug Harbor Cultural Center.  Big shouts to @CharlieR0cks @Caster0c @Scrambledeggsit @Built4Music1 @Sleezone & @Projectivity.



R.E.N.T. Set Design at

Snug Harbor

12 Canvases is a short documentary about art, life and inspiration, as told through the thoughts and works of 6 New York artists. Conceived, filmed and released in under 30 days, 12 Canvases weaves raw elements of the creative spirit with modern opinions from true to life characters.  Directed by Scott Bolger and Christian Reinsch, produced by Projectivity and Trunkface.



12 Canvases Mini 





Projectivity Mixtape Series

Projectivity regularly releases music from our members, teaching artists, and students.  Two different series of mixtapes have been organized, produced, and released by Projectivity.

My Stereotape Vol 1-3 presented by Stereotype Co., In The Mix w Shoom, and Projectivity

Projected Vol. 1-3 presented by Projectivity and GTD (Growth Til Death)

Projectivity constantly creates a wide variety of projects for our students, artists, and members of the community to pursue their passions.  Partnering with schools, agencies, and other non-profits, we provide resources and outlets for people to get involved and showcase their art. Some examples of past projects are shown below.





SI Arts Open Mic​

This summer of 2016, Staten Island Arts hosted a series of freestyle writing workshops introducing students to creative writing and spoken word. The series culminated with an Open Mic which took place at the Staten Island Arts' Culture Lounge at SI Ferry. Projectivity helped some students record their written pieces in the recording studio and also helped film the final open mic. This program was supported in part with funding from The Donald and Shelley Rubin Foundation.

(Overcoming Possible Tragedy In Ongoing Negative Situations), is an anti-violence mixtape created by Projectivity to showcase the many sides of violence and the possible outcomes of those that choose to partake in it.  Projectivity worked with both veteran emcees as well as young up and coming rappers to tell stories relating to their experiences with violence.   The common theme in all the songs is that there are OPTIONS.  Our choices impact our reality, so when it comes to violence, making it the right choice at the right time can be a matter of life and death.  This project showcases those realities and lets people know different paths they can take. 

Listen Here on Soundcloud.com


Miami Art Basel 2017

Projectivity and GuerillaHealer teamed up to paint a 100ft. wall in Wynwood, Miami. The concept was to promote healthy living choices and organic products vs the poisonous effects of pharmaceutikills. The mural is titled #FarmsNotPharms. It was created by artists Vinni Alfonso, Paul Juno, Losto, and Tekst.​


O.P.T.I.O.N.S​ - Anti-Violence Mixtape

Photos of the completed murals from the collaboration with Centre-fuge Art Project, SIABC, and Projectivity. Curated by Kwue Molly, the whole block turned out amazing.


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